Blues Mixtape

At The Pulse we like to play all kinds of musical genres, and of course this includes the blues. To give a flavour of what to expect at one of our blues sessions we've put together a mixtape for you that includes just a few of the incredible talents from such a broad area musical brilliance.

The Mixtape was put together on Deezer, which offers an excellent service. However, playlists will only play the first 30 seconds of each song, but if you can pop over to Deezer and either sign up or log in you can then hear each song in full (signing up is in fact very quick and easy).

If you would like to listen to the playlist and continue web browsing then click the icon in the top right hand corner of the player and it will open in a seperate window. Enjoy the mixtape, and see you at The Pulse very soon.


The Pulse Jigsaw Puzzle

Since it first opened The Pulse has created a loyal band of followers among both staff and VIPs, and as a thank you to all of you here is a small token of our appreciation, a jigsaw puzzle for you to download and keep.

If you haven't visited The Pulse in Second Life yet then the jigsaw puzzle will be a good introduction for you and will give a flavour of what to expect at the club. There are around 190 pieces to the puzzle so set aside around 45 minutes to an hour to complete it - a bit of a challenge but worth it.

The puzzle is hosted on Google Drive which scans files for malicious content, so you can download your puzzle knowing there won't be any nasty surprises included with it.  To get your puzzle follow this link then click the down arrow at the top of the page and save the zipped folder to your PC.

Enjoy working on the puzzle and once you have completed it feel free to come to The Pulse and enjoy some great music with us and some great company.


A Fantastic weekend At The Pulse

Recently The Pulse moved to its own dedicated sim and to mark the occassion there was a weekend of special events that included a performance by Kickstart with their tribute to Styx. There was also a number of live singers including the incomparable Mavenn, and not forgeting of course the dedicated team of DJs and hosts who regularly make The Pulse such a fun place to hang out.

The club owners, Tribish Tamma and Anna Tammas worked exremely hard for us all to make the transition go seamlessly and so we owe them a big thank you for their dedication, and bringing us so much entertainment and fun. They're not only the club owners but great friends to all of us.

If you weren't able to make the weekends' events then play the slideshow below to get an idea of what you missed (view in HQ). Afterwards why not pop along to The Pulse where we'll all make you feel very welcome.

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