A Brief Introduction To The Flannigans

Never underestimate the Flannigans. The owners of The Pulse, Anna and Gus Flannigan have a much further reach than you might think, and to prove it, just watch the video.

If you would like to see more of the Flannigans, whilst partying to the music of some of the finest Second Life DJs then come join us at The Pulse, we'd love to see you there. We even provide a teleport.

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Motorhead Playlist

Motorhead is one of those legendary bands that shows everyone else how it should be done, and as a taster of some of their tracks that can be heard at The Pulse, we've put together a playlist. Some of these songs may be better known played by other bands, but the Motorhead cover versions are certainly worth a listen.

If you'd like to hear more Motorhead whilst surrounded by a fun and welcoming crowd then come join us at The Pulse. In the meantime kick back and enjoy these twelve tracks.

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Tribute To Queen

This Sunday between 12.00-2.00pm SLT the joint owners of The Pulse, (and romantically entwined couple), DJ Gus and host Anna will be entertaining us at The Pulse with a tribute to Queen and the late great Freddy Mercury. This promises to be two hours of fantastic music with something everyone will love. Watch the short video above to get you into the mood, then come over to The Pulse, bring your friends and be part of a tribute to remember.


Gob's Highway To Hell

The General Overlord, or Gob

We have a special event for you this  Friday (2nd September), between 6.00pm-8.00pm SLT. In honour of, and as  a way to keep her appeased The Pulse is holding a special AC/DC tribute event for the General Overlord BigCheese, otherwise known as Gob.

Gob is famed for being a big fan of AC/DC and as we all love her dearly we're holding this event especially for her, although we want as many VIPs and friends to be there as possible. So get ready for two hours of head banging and come join us at the Pulse. We can't wait to meet and greet you!

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