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This page lists resources for Second Life DJs and includes the most popular streaming software, YouTube video converters and much more. We hope you find this useful, and if so why not stop by The Pulse sometime and say hi to us.


SAM broadcaster seems to be a favourite amongst Second Life DJs, and it will cover just about everything you'll need to do as a DJ. It is also easy to set up and easy to use.

 Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is another popular choice among Second Life DJs and has all the features to keep your audience entertained. Its price tag starts at a much lower point than SAM, with the Broadcaster edition costing $49.00. There is also a Pro Basic edition which costs $99.00.


Mixxx is an open source DJ Mixing software that is packed with features such as BPM detection and sync, DJ Midi controller support and more. Not bad for software that is completely free and all you'll need to DJ in Second Life.


RadioDJ is a surprisingly good broadcasting package from Romania. It supports both Icecast and Shoutcast, and best of all its free. It works well for streaming in Second Life too.


Audacity is open source (free to download and use), software that will allow you to edit and record audio tracks. Some useful features of Audacity include the ability to remove unwanted file sections, to add fade in and fade out effects, and to adjust the volume of the track. A very handy piece of software for all Second Life DJs.

YouTube To Mp3 Converter

YouTube To Mp3 Converter does exacty what its name suggests; converts Youtube videos to MP3 files. The video is converted in the cloud, so there is only the MP3 file to download. The conversion process can also be simplified with a browser extension.


YouTube To MP3 Download

YouTube To MP3 Converter is, "The best MP3 Downloader online. YouTube MP3 Download converts YouTube Videos to mp3 from different providers online and for free.....Convert any YouTube Video to .mp3 or .mp4"

This is a very useful downloader that offers two options for downloading as well as an addon for your browser which places a download button on each YouTube page.


Symbaloo is an online tool that allows you to store bookmarks visually by creating a page of tiles, with each tile representing a bookmark.

Here we have a webmix  (as Symbaloo likes to call each page of tiles) of useful locations for music fans in Second Life. Go to the page then click the button to go to the location. This is a handy one stop place where you can easily keep up to date with everything musical in Second Life. You can follow this webmix on Symbaloo or even embed it on your own website by clicking the Share button.

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